PDI's Training Mission

To discover, develop, and deliver innovative training solutions for our clients at the intersection of product training, fixed operations training, and process training through the most innovative and proven methods that focus on adult learning theories for all demographics. And we can prove it!

PDI has more than 20 years experience in providing impactful and effective training programs and immersive experiences – from large and small group training, to one-on-one programs.

Having developed and executed hundreds of training programs for some of the most prominent brands in the automotive industry, PDI is proud to be a tier one training company that is committed to delivering results.
We understand that providing high-quality training programs is an investment – in staff and the bottom line. We manage that investment with the trust and respect our clients deserve and expect.
In fact, we are constantly applying the newest, proven adult learning styles while incorporating a number of industry specific best practices to ensure our training programs reflect the highest and best use of our clients' time and budget.
As the learning company that never stops learning, we understand how important it is that all training be outcome-driven, meaningful and measureable.

We base our training solutions on these                         proven principles:


Mentally and Physically Involving

Every training session uses a different and unique engagement technique, known as Blended Learning, designed to keep participants on their toes and “in the moment.”


Accelerated Learning

We have a limited time to cover a wide range of critical topics. This requires accelerated learning techniques. Each program has some degree of accelerated learning, accomplished by engaging more than one sense at a time and by covering information through multiple teaching methods. We make the most of your time.


Cognitive Triggers

We use very little “say” and put the emphasis on “engage and do”. The diverse array of training methods in this plan are designed to set the content in the student's mind for easy recall when needed. This plan involves individual effort, small group work, and large group work, along with a variety of input and debrief tactics. Our style is memorable.


Easily Applicable

PDI training programs are strategically designed and presented in a way that allows participants to quickly absorb training information.  Our process equips participants to immediately apply their newly acquired knowledge and skills in the retail environment. Our training is fast and effective.


Engaging Environment

Every program has an environment specific to the topic. Changing the learning atmosphere and associating it with the training topic further integrates the content and makes it much more likely to “stick” over the long-term. We make training an experience.





What’s your objective?


That’s the question we are constantly asking and validating throughout PDI’s instructional design and training delivery process.

We believe training programs and events should improve performance, generate employee pride and inspiration, raise retention levels and, above all, educate.

Through our proven instructional design process, we ensure your objectives remain at the forefront of the creation and delivery of each program while also ensuring learners are meeting our client’s desired objectives.


We blend the best practices of the automotive and non-automotive industry with proven adult learning methods such as ADDIE and SAM and leading research to create our own unique programs. Our programs are effective and meaningful. And we have the data to prove it.


Training initiatives should be designed, developed and implemented in a manner that ensures their effectiveness, that attendees can apply new knowledge and demonstrate new skills. Our  data management process ensures our programs are on track, providing baselines and tracking improvement.

Our proprietary instructional design process





This is what makes PDI an industry leader and proven partner.



Every Training Program and Objective is Different.

At PDI, we take a fresh, new approach with every project because every training objective is different and every training participant is different.


That’s why we are diligent about providing variety and diversity in our training methods.


We believe that wherever possible, our customers should have access to a variety of training methods, including instructor-led, web-based, self-study and hands-on experiential and blended training.


High-quality, well-developed training programs will allow for, and accommodate these differences. Well-designed training programs will also allow for a high degree of self-pacing, which in turn provides all participants enough time to learn and become qualified.

With PDI coordinated events, you can expect:

Product Launch

Sales Training

Culture and







PDI programs include a comprehensive measurement approach.

We focus on aligning operational data with perception and application results.  Each measurement phase involves concrete results aligned to learning and business objectives.


With years of experience in data management – from aligning the basics of training evaluation of the Kirkpatrick model to determining best practices and results from Phillips in calculating ROE and ROI – PDI ensures that each learning event is supported from satisfaction to learning and behavior to results.


PDI engages technology solutions used in Fortune 500 institutions to gather comprehensive datasets and ensure a comprehensive, strategic analysis approach that demonstrates increased knowledge, skills, and behavior with sustainable business results.


With a 97% scheduling accommodation and 90%+ attendance for our core audience, PDI is dedicated to delivering on the logistics for each learning experience.  Our expert scheduling team builds a concrete project communication plan that is driven by the needs of our customers and clients while providing the best logistical outcome.


During training, PDI delivers at a Satisfaction (Kirkpatrick = Level 1 - Reaction) and Knowledge (Kirkpatrick = Level 2 - Learning) level.  PDI delivers 95%+ positive results through an evaluation by participants around the event and aligned to the learning objectives.  These surveys combine quantitative and qualitative questions to drive reinforcement and behavior change.


PDI also employs a pre-check for understanding and post-knowledge check that help determine if the audience learned the principles, skills, and facts of the program.  The assessments are aligned around the learning objectives for the course and time spent on specific topics.

Our learning events show an increase in knowledge of 43% between pre and post checks for

understanding, with post results showing 95% correct.

PDI investigates an anticipated application (Kirkpatrick = Level 3 - Behavior) rate based on learning objectives that are aligned to end-results (Kirkpatrick = Level 4 - Results).  This is conducted within 15-45 days after the event to ensure consistency in application and demonstrate knowledge retention that positively impacts sales and the customer experience.  We connect survey information from the satisfaction and knowledge checks in order to determine appropriate reinforcement activities needed to sustain learning efforts.


PDI partners with internal client resources to align learning results with business outcomes .

Phillips = Return on Expectations “ROE” / Return on Investment “ROI”

Whether it is increased satisfaction on Customer Experience surveys or a positive impact on sales results reports, PDI analyzes the details to understand key drivers for the business and learners.  We make every effort to build audience-specific training materials where these connections are possible and impacted both during and after the training event.



Becoming Brand Ambassadors

Our well-trained and talented team of product specialists, SME’s and facilitators bring more than 500 years of combined experience in leading programs across the globe. They are experts in delivering engaging, effective and memorable programs.


When a new program is launched, PDI training teams become the frontline representative for our clients, brand ambassadors. That’s a key aspect of delivering impactful trainings.


We work diligently to select people that bring a spark and passion to the important role they play. We regularly train our teams to be the most effective brand ambassadors in the industry. That includes our own PDI customer service training. Lastly, we align our training team’s core competencies to match the scope of training to ensure participants gain the maximum benefit from our team’s experience.


This process has served us well over our 20-year history. PDI trainers have time-and-time again become valuable and trusted partners with our clients and their audiences.

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