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With a longstanding history in the automotive arena, and having worked with leading brands and agencies, PDI is an experienced and innovative full-service training, marketing and driving services agency.


As brand ambassadors and concept visionaries, we design, build, and execute high-quality effective training opportunities, impactful marketing programs, and meaningful driving experiences across the globe.


We specialize in providing superior customer service, employing a detail-oriented approach to all of our projects, evoking emotional connections to brands and products and generating a positive, creative energy around our work.

"Your team did an excellent job of thinking ahead. Planning.
Involving the presenters.  Rehearsing.  And executing.  I enjoyed being a part of  it."


Our culture of pride, passion and commitment to customer service and training has served us well over our 20-year history.


Founded with an entrepreneurial spirit, we are proud of the deep roots our company has in the automotive and racing industries. Many of us are car enthusiasts and collectors while others are simply proud to be a part of the automotive industry.


We are passionate about our team. Our shared loyalty to each other and the success of our projects is evidenced through our internal motto of, “no job is too big or too small that it’s not my job.” We have each others’ backs - personally and professionally.


Our collective commitment to superior customer service is what makes our company great. We know our future depends on the consistent delivery of excellence in all we do. And we take that very seriously.


"As you know, this current week was our first week of training and we are experiencing good turnout, results and positive feedback. Thanks again to everyone for a truly awesome team effort – were off to a great start with the Rogue training"



Our core values are our source of inspiration and guidance.
They are what define our company culture and our commitment to our clients.

Forward thinking and proven innovative approach Solution oriented Passionate and dedicated employees

Today’s ever-changing and competitive marketplace requires us to be industry leaders – thinking not about what we have accomplished but what we will achieve next. We bring an innovative and creative approach to all our projects.

We work both collaboratively and independently for our partners.

We employ stringent checks and balances to ensure we are meeting objectives, compliance and budget while also freeing our clients of hassles, details and concerns by brainstorming solutions, managing problems and resolving issues internally, within our skilled team of professionals. Our detail-oriented approach to our projects allows clients the freedom to be as involved or uninvolved as they’d like.

Our employees are passionate about what they do – from training, event management, on-site production, logistics, trouble-shooting and client relations. We are proud to be a team of motivated, fun and enthusiastic employees who share the same vision to work hard and play hard. We strive to see the success of the final project and feel the satisfaction of a job well done.

Excellent Customer Service True Partners Results Driven

When you love what you do, providing superior customer service comes naturally. But our commitment to customer service doesn’t stop there.

We have developed our own internal customer service training program, based on leading customer service experts such as the Disney Institute and the Ritz-Carlton.

We understand that good customer service is expected. But, at PDI, we strive to exceed expectations. Our commitment to going above and beyond, providing excellent customer service, is another way we are proud to bring added value to our client partnerships.

Today’s ever-changing and competitive marketplace requires us to be industry leaders – thinking not about what we have accomplished but what we will achieve next. We bring an innovative and creative approach to all our projects.

"I was honored to have the opportunity to work with you and always felt immense confidence in your ability to deliver. You simply became, in my mind, the go-to, and you should be absolutely commended. Very inspiring for me..."



Embracing our Entrepreneurial Beginnings

In 1993, automotive event precision drivers often came from the ranks of racing school instructors. Accommodating clients and managing expectations was a sideline, and it showed.


Professional racers Ken Thwaits and Johnny Unser saw an opportunity to blend professional driving services with high-level customer service. They were trailblazers, visionaries and problem solvers. We share those same characteristics today.


PDI was founded on the belief that client and customer needs come first. Under that philosophy, PDI has built a 20-year history of excellence in producing automotive training events and engaging with clients.


Our very first job was a running footage shoot for the 1994 Dodge Ram Truck at police training grounds in Olympia, Washington. The relationship expanded with a consumer ride-and-drive launch tour.


Since then, PDI has grown into a full-service automotive training, marketing and driving services agency working with more than 15 automotive industry leaders along the way.

"Sincere thanks to the entire PDI team for partnering with us to create a great brand and consumer experience at Pebble Beach and The Quail. We’ve received incredibly positive feedback from consumers as well as internally and from our Dealers."

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